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by Aker Daniel

Lost – Short Story by The Eagle 

There was once a total famine in Babylon, the poor leadership quality and languish attitude of the King had caused hunger and anguish to everyone in the land. Mr. Pauda lived with his son at the suburb valley very close to the Gustavian mountain as it was known at those times. they had a donkey, and it was their only asset to which they could trade, make returns and survive a little while in the famine. It wouldn’t be possible to sell that donkey there in Babylon as there were no buyers and almost everyone was fleeing to neighboring countries for survival. Mr. Pauda decided to make his journey to Absalem which was the neighboring country and the demand for donkeys was quite high and expensive there. The next day Mr. Pauda set out for the journey with his son, Roffe along with the donkey to which they would sell and would also aid their transportation through. On their way to the city gate, they met the gatekeeper who was a childhood friend of Mr. Pauda.

When the gatekeeper had seen them he approached them with a smile

“Master Pauda! Such a while”. he grinned

“Not to be imagined, how have you been brethren” Pauda replied

“I’m ok, hunger is the only challenge, where are you going with the donkey and the little boy? oh let me guess, you’re among the hundreds fleeing our lands in search for a safer asylum”. The gatekeeper asked teasingly.

“Sure! It’s necessary we stay alive”.

“You’re right my old friend “the gatekeeper replied reluctantly. Immediately he noticed the Libana manual Mr. Pauda was holding. Libana manual was a travel book that served as a road map showing the safest route to Absalem. Immediately the gatekeeper asked him, “what are you doing with the libana manual? Nobody uses that road route the libana manual is suggesting any more”. Mr. Pauda replied astonished, “what route do they use then, don’t tell me it’s the route that passes through the Gerande valley, does band it will take everything that belongs to us”.

The gatekeeper chuckled and replied condescendingly “come on old man, that manual is obsolete and not used by the people any more, perhaps the road route the manual is suggesting is a ten-mile journey but using the route through the Gerande valley is way more shorter, hundreds of caravans pass the route through the Gerande valey at all times which discommode the whole environment the bandits used in time past for their operations”.

“Wow that’s interesting, thanks for the info. I bet I should be on my way already”. Mr. Pauda responded and waved him goodbye. Meanwhile, Roffe, the little boy who was stalking at both his father and the gatekeeper was elated that the conversation had come to an end. They had decided to follow the route that passes through the Gerande valley as it was the shortest and now free from bandits as the gatekeeper had earlier emphasized. The boy sat on the donkey why Mr. Pauda decided to walk. it wouldn’t be wise to sit on the donkey at once, it would be too much burden for the donkey. They had almost made it a mile when they came across an exhausted grumpy-looking lady, she was walking with her head down immediately she raised her head and saw Roffe on the donkey she chided him as if he was the cause of her frustration “Oh you disrespectful child, how would you sit while your old man work. don’t allure curses to yourself” she yelled moving on! The boy felt ashamed, came down and Mr. Pauda replaced him. There hadn’t gone any further when they approached another huge dark man who gazed at Mr. Pauda on the donkey with disgust saying “old man, you sit while the boy walks, how could you be this inhuman?” Again Mr. Pauda felt ashamed and angry this time that he made a resolve that both him and Roffe would sit on the donkey to avoid further reproach. They had made it over three miles which were still obscure to them since the road had no manual making it difficult to make a resolve on when to feed the donkey. So they decided to reach out for help, they met a lady passing by and asked her if they could feed the donkey with the barley straw to this extent or wait a little while. (during journeys at those times, the length of the journey was meticulously measured out and the feeding interims of the donkeys were based on such logistics, data as such were contained in travel manuals. But the path through the Gerande valley to which Mr. Pauda was embarking on had no manual) when a donkey is giving barley straw when its last energy source has not been expended it could whip out of control and also if it’s left to be hungry for too long it could result in a malady. “Well, on my way to Absalem from Babylon, I normally feed my donkey immediately after crossing the bridge which no more a distance from here”. the young lady replied. “oh thanks Missie” Mr. Pauda said “please how long have you both been sitting on the donkey at the same time” the lady asked a little bit disgusted.

“Quite a while Missie” Mr. Pauda answered a bit nervous trying to phantom where she was driving . “please can’t you both observe the donkey’s weary already, I advised you both carry the donkey to cross the bridge” why don’t we give it the barley straw instead” the little boy interrupted “It wouldn’t make a difference! I can’t imagine you both have been sitting on this donkey at the same time please carry this donkey in order not to trigger a malady. When you’ve crossed the bridge you could feed it with the barley straw and continue the journey, goodbye” she said moving away. They heeded her advice tied the donkey’s hooves and carried it with its back placed diligently on their shoulders. On crossing the bridge, the donkey seeing the sea upside down insight for the first time in its life became uncontrollable frightened that it jolted violently out of the grip of both Mr. Pauda and the boy and fell right into the sea. “No!!!” the boy screamed in shock. There was nothing they could do, the sea was way too deep that an attempt to save the donkey could cause a life. They stood watching helplessly as the donkey drowned and floated out of sight. Mr. Pauda felt heavy in the inside of him like he was shredding into pieces, how could this happen? In what way has he offended God, If they continued the journey to Absalem on foot how could they survive in a strange land when they arrive and if they decide to return to Babylon where would they probably start from. How could God allow them to embark on a journey that offered no gain but all loss? They stood silently, unable to utter a word. There were lost in their grief amid other caravans who seemed uninterested.


“Come on old man, that manual is obsolete and not used by the people any more, perhaps the road route the manual is suggesting is a ten-mile journey but using the route through the Gerande valley is way shorter. Hundred s of caravans pass the route through the Gerande valley at all times which discommode the lul environment the bandits used in time past for their operations”. I decided to restate what the gatekeeper told Mr. Pauda and the boy on their way out of the city gate. As guileless as that statement may seem, unfortunately, it’s the subtle reason why many Christians derail from the path of Christ here on Earth. To conceive a better understanding of the story above, take the libana manual to be our manual as Christians (The Bible), the path shown in the libana manual to be our instructions from the Bible and the path through the Gerande valley as the path which is contradictory to that of Christ. The Devil illusion the path of Christ to be somewhat obsolete, way too strenuous, and not adopted by the majority. In a society where there is a cluster of movements, views, extremists, religions, occultic groups, and a lot more with the same morphological build-up but different psychology makeup, it is pertinent we know who we are and the exact path to which we’ve chosen to trade. A man whose stand is unknown becomes a wily work tool for the Devil. The life to which we inhabit isn’t a man’s craft but a gift from God. It is an experience we’ve never had before, and as such our heavenly father knew we needed to know its purpose and most importantly the regulations. The word of God stood in before the count of time to fulfill this purpose. When the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable. Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge” so how much have you known? The purpose of Mr. Pauda’s Journey wasn’t a problem, but embarking on a path that he had little or no knowledge about left him with no choice but to take advice from any passer-by which undoubtedly led to his misfortune. So who then are you listening to? Mind you everyone is at liberty to say anything these days, the social media, at congregations, webinars, and so forth. It definitely wouldn’t be enough to know the scripture, standing for it at all cost illuminates the difference.

How many times were you up to reconcile with a person who had backstabbed, betrayed, and let you down and was termed weak by others as a result?

How many times did you refuse to seek revenge and become ridiculed as a coward?

On what account did you practice your faith as a Christian and was called a hypocrite?

You refused for evil to strife around you, and you were called a snitch.

How many times were you addressed unfortunately because you decided to practice sacrifice and tolerance at some point in your marriage?

How many times have you termed a fool because you tendered affection to a person who was once inhuman to you? And many more scenarios to which we as Christians get chastised for living out our faith. It’s okay to be called a fool by anybody, how does it matter anyway. Even the scripture accounts for this in 1Corithians 3:18 “Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this World, let him become a fool that he may be wise”. The in-depth reflection we can conclude that true wisdom before God is outstanding foolishness before men, which drives us to this question. Who do you live for? So when next you are blessed with a day to live, a choice to make, a journey to embark on, a decision to make, and advice to give, a plan to execute, an idea to establish, a challenge to resolve, a goal to reach, look out no more! take up your libana manual and if the World addresses it as being obsolete, hypocritical, atypical, illogical and et cetera be calm, staring at them with love and pity just as Jesus would do to his lost sheep, then tell them your libana manual (scriptures) is all you’ve got and absolutely all you would ever live for!

“Be very sure of this People never reject the Bible because they cannot understand it. They understand it too well; they understand that it witnesses against their sins and summons them to judgment. They try to believe it to be false and useless because they don’t like to believe it is true”. ~J.C Ryle

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Jooji Beatrice

Wow!.. This short story is amazing.
And I must say I’m positively impacted. Also, I love your website and the sweet stories you have written for young and old.

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