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The Delicacy Before Me

by Aker Daniel

The Delicacy Before Me – Story By The Eagle 

A regular occurrence in all the years I’ve lived on Earth, still can’t get out of the circus of why this one yet to come seems to be anomalously overwhelming.

It was exactly three days until Elvis’s birthday! On a Peculiar bright Tuesday morning, he woke up to the dulcet rays of the rising sun radiating through his window and reflecting upon the purple paint of the walls that yielded a bright orange brightness that in turn had a soothing feeling. His mind was rooted to his birthday that was fast approaching, he would be clocking twenty and it was a spectacular age to which he had waited for all his life but still, then he had no plans, they were no resolutions in his head and he wondered how it will all turn out. Immersed in his thoughts as he sat on his bed, a sparkle of thought ignited in him saying, “what if you fast and pray before your birthday maybe there will be a revelation, or maybe you might find a vital Course thereof”.

Elvis welcomed the idea and decided to start his fasting the next day from 6a.m.to12p.m.for the next 2 days in anticipation of his date of birth. Elvis dutifully observed the fast the next day praying for open doors, destiny helper, and a life filled with purpose as he would become a year older soon. The next day which will mark the last day of the fast he properly observed it with the same prayer points as the previous days. It was exactly 12noon when he made the conclusive prayer and broke the fast. He hurriedly went to the kitchen to get himself some food as his stomach was churning aggressively in a quest for food. It was rice, beans, and stew mum had prepared earlier in the day before she left for work and as the delicacy sat before him, he closed his eyes for the prayers before the meal and immediately before he could utter a word, in a slip of a second, it was as if the Holy Spirit has hauled him into a transcendence he had never experienced. He felt the still peace jostling within him and as he opened his mouth he made the prayers spearheaded by the Holy Spirit.

“Lord Jesus, as this diet lay before me, there is not a single doubt in my mind that it has its history. It died beneath the soil to resuscitate again, broke through the Earth barrier, strived adverse weather conditions, survived amid its predators and weeds, passed through the hands of different individuals from harvesters to processors and then to distributors over a distance that I can’t even phantom, to appear here today to be a part of me and sustain my life for the actualization of my dreams. Ah! Almighty father help me also in these hurdles of life, against the temptations and difficulties that will manifest to suppress me so that at the end of it all, I would be of service and impact to humanity. Also just as this food before me has not lamented of its hardship before me nor boasted of the nutrients it has to offer to my life, help me also to undergo this process of life without complaining to your holy name nor boast when am in the position to impact or assist a fellow brethren. Help me Lord to live a life of service, purpose, sacrifice, and love. So help me God, Amen!

After this simple prayer, he knew enough on how to lead his life from henceforth.


When we take cognizance and appreciate the fundamental things God has blessed us with every day like shelter, food, clothing, oxygen, organs, and the endless list. We tend to downplay the effort of the devil in making us feel unfortunate and miserable.

I wrote this piece using food as a medium to pass my message, but furthermore, I would love to share with us the benefits and fulfillment that lies in simple practices such as” conscious eating”. It is a term I coined to fit this analogy.

I would start with the physical process “Conscious eating”

Physical process – This entails you being mindful when eating, we can easily eat on the go and not only fail to appreciate the taste of the food but also overeat or not masticate the food properly. So in the conscious eating process, decide you’re going to make eating your sole focus. Notice the food on your plate, pay attention to colors, shapes, and smell. Bring awareness to the sensation of chewing and the flavor, texture, and temperature in your mouth. Notice any urge to eat quickly or swallow your food without chewing it completely. Be aware of your attention-getting hijacked from the experience of eating and gently bringing it back to the flavor of the food. This process helps in the proper digestion and metabolism of your food in the body and also helps in the breeding of a stable and focused mind

“Conscious eating” spiritual process – The significance of food to our lives can not be overly emphasized. Still yet millions of people tend to starve across the globe, acknowledging this humbles you and reflects how fortunate you are even at your imperfections. Always remember that the meal before you once had life and its life history too just as Elvis had acknowledged in the story above during prayer, this then instills tremendous gratitude in your heart, giving satisfaction both to the soul and body. Most at times, we eat absentmindedly, our minds drift to imaginations, or schedule review, plans or whatever we may hurriedly want to catch up with, simple act as such could obliterate the divine connection to which you would have had to appreciate the gift of God before you. And at the end of the day, the devil makes it seems like nothing special or wonderful has happened to you throughout the day.

Deliberately practice conscious eating and also practice conscious breathing for at least 5 minutes per day to appreciate such a priceless gift that lies therein. Live in the moment, and relish every part of it, only then can you dine with the host of holies and live a truly happy and fruitful life.

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